Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Through the Fair Podcast - Show One

Through the Fair Podcast - Show One
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  • Sinead O'Conner | He Moved Through the Fair
  • All About Eve | The Witches Promise
  • Loudest Whisper | Silent O'moyle
  • Single Gun Theory | Motherland
  • Heron | Lord and Master
Show Notes:

Sinead O'Conner | He Moved Through the Fair
Find this track on The Cheiftans Long Black Veil and hear Sinead interpret more traditional Celtic folk on Sean-Nos Nua and the live DVD Goodnight, Thank You, You've Been a Lovely Audience.

All About Eve | The Witches Promise
Tull cover culled from the fairly rare CD Single for December. Most famous for the gorgeous single Martha's Harbor and lead singer Julianne Regan's equally gorgeous voice - Regan's also appeared at a number of Fairport's Cropedy Shows.

Heron - Lord and Master
Found on the wonderfulGather in the Mushrooms: British Acid Folk compilation. More band info at Relaxx Records' Heron site.

Loudest Whisper - Silent O'moyle
From the Kissing Spell release Children of Lir.

Single Gun Theory - Motherland
From the Aussie trio's Flow, River of My Soul album. More on SGT at their Official Site

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

EOL Audio defines Neo-Folk

Fairly narrow and a touch dismissive, though not inaccurate...

EOL Audio : Neo Folk
"Perhaps one of the most extreme offshoots of goth, indeed arguably not an offshoot at all, but merely another dark, morbid style of music that appeals to dark, morbid people. Ironically, neo-folk (aka 'apocalyptic folk, especially when referring to Current 93) is music that's historically amongst the closest to the original definition of 'gothic', incorporating pre-20th Century passage, concepts and aesthetic (the medieval scene embraces this concept with greater authenticity, however)."

Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Unbroken Circle Blog

The Unbroken Circle Blog

Astonishingly good Wyrd Folk blog from Mark Coyle. Massive amounts of useful information can be found here - a perfect board from which to dive into the deeper waters of the Wyrd Folk scene and beyond.

"For Christians, Elves and Lovers"

Gojira69's Ephemeral Treasures: "For Christians, Elves and Lovers":

Cult classic currently being shared by Gojira69... an acquired taste but, if you're so inclined, a delicious one...
All Saved Freak Band: 'For Christians, Elves and Lovers' (1976)
Rock the World Enterprises ASFB-1001

"J. R. R. TOLKIEN, author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, said "The birth of Christ is the eucatastrophe of Man's history. The Resurrection is the eucatastrophe of the story of the Incarnation. This story begins and ends in joy."
It should be of the utmost interest to millions of his readers what Tolkien believed about the Gospel and God, and their relationship to fantasy. And more than fantasy alone, but also to the real world, angels, men, and elves. He talks about these things and more on the inner sleeve of this album."

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Fairport Convention Song Helps Police Families

Fairport Convention Song Helps Police Families: "
The Fairport Convention song 'Who Knows Where The Time Goes' has been recorded by Vanessa Wheeler as a charity single to help the devastated families left behind when an officer is killed on duty."...

...In March 2004 Ian Northcott, one of Vanessa's friends,introduced her to 'Sandy Denny' and Fairport Convention. Vanessa fell in love with the song, Who Knows Where The Time Goes. She decided to recored the song as a charity single.

Ian is a long term fan of Fairport Convention and contacted the band when Vanessa was let down by musicians and recording facilities. Simon Nicol and Fairport duly stepped in to help.

"I cannot tell you what a fantastic day I had yesterday recording The Rose and Who Knows Where The Time Goes with Simon" says Vanessa. "It was an amazing experience to say the least. The first run through of WKWTTG, the first time with Simon, was very nervy. Once I got the first one out of the way I relaxed and I really think I have done justice to Sandy's song. Simon, of course, played superbly. A surprise for me was Chris Leslie playing a superb fiddle part. Many thanks to chris too".

Last Night of the Proms For Fairport

icCoventry - Last Night of the Proms For Fairport

Legendary folk-rockers Fairport Convention are assured of a great reception when their latest tour ends with a "Last Night of the Proms" gig in Birmingham.

The highly-successful Over The Next Hill winter tour reaches its climax on Saturday, March 12, with an eagerlyawaited appearance by the renowned band at the Alexandra Theatre.

The title of the tour is a wry reflection of the 'hill' the long-established band had to climb last year as Fairport were forced into the complete reorganisation of their touring and recording interests.

Fairport also had to organise a new management structure for their annual folk-rock festival extravaganza at Cropredy in Oxfordshire because of the sad marriage split of bass player Dave Pegg and his wife Christine, who had organised the event for 25 years.

Tull's Anderson in tune with his Scottish roots

The Scotsman - Tull's Anderson in tune with his Scottish roots

"Musical development for Anderson was about identifying the sound. He listened to bits of Scottish folk and church music and wanted to play elements of blues in a way that felt more natural to him – as white and middle class – so in a more emotionally honest way.

In was in the Sixties - the Beatles were in the spotlight - when Anderson mucked around with folk tunes as he honed his music. He would visit the Scottish lowlands to experience "the essence of folk music … as it taps into something ancient.""

Jethro Tull - Nothing Is Easy: Live at the Isle of Wight 1970 DVD

Vintage Tull live from the Isle of Wight.

DVD info from Amazon...
In this stunning snapshot of the last hurrah of the hippie movement, Award Winning Directo Murray Lerner captures the tension between the crowd and organizers for the final day of the festival. Ian Anderson provides his thoughts throughout the program as well, to give the viewer a unique perspective on what Jethro Tull was about at this moment in time. They were still a relatively new band, yet superstardom was in the near future. The band lineup for this show consists of: Ian Anderson (vocals, flute, acoustic guitar), Martin Barre (electric guitar), Clive Bunker (drums), Glen Cornick (bass), and John Evan (keyboards).

Set List:
1. My Sunday Feeling
2. My God
3. With You There To Help Me
4. Cry You A Song
5. Beret
6. Dharma For One
7. Nothing Is Easy
8. Medley (We Used To Know/For A Thousand Mothers

The CD version of this same concert was released last year to excellent reviews...

Iron and Wine - Woman King EP - The return of the neo-folk king:

"Sam Beam is a careful man. Long before he had a backing band to speak of, he hid behind the pseudonym Iron & Wine, carefully layering ghostly vocal tracks over carefully picked guitar melodies on a four-track recorder. His second full-length album, 'Our Endless Numbered Days,' used richer production without abandoning stark simplicity: The result was a new, crisper sound, coming from the same ghosts, the same guitars.

Now, with the release of the six-song EP 'Woman King,' Beam carefully lets us know that his music has a trajectory -- and what a lovely trajectory it is. A quiet man's electric album, it is still very much acoustic; and for an album namely about women, it occasionally verges on bellicose."

The East Carolinian - Iron & Wine: the man, the music, the mystery revealed

So you like Jack Johnson, Howie Day, Ryan Adams, Nick Drake, Damien Rice and all of the other acoustic crooners' right? Then you will love Iron & Wine. Sam Beam is the founder of the group, lead singer and writes all of the music. Simply put, he is a genius. Beam has created a smooth acoustic feel, with light percussion in his band, Iron & Wine.

Beam, currently residing in Florida as a teacher, has brought a lot of new tactics to the acoustic genre. His southern upbringing has influenced a lot of his music into a James Taylor-esque feel. In his new CD, Woman King, an accoutrement of instruments is incorporated to the EP. When blended together as Beam does, it brings forth a beautiful harmony, almost like an earthy sound.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Linda Perhacs - Official Site

Linda Perhacs

"one of "the 67 lost albums you must own" (Mojo Magazine)

Linda Perhacs' album Parallelograms was released on Kapp in 1970. It was reissued from Linda's own, superior master tape in 2003 on The Wild Places label. Songs from this version of Parallelograms are available for purchase in MP3 format at Lost in the Grooves.

Linda Perhacs was a Beverly Hills dentist"s assistant with a secret life. Strange, potent music flowed through her like a swift-moving stream. In childhood, her creative efforts were stunted. As a young woman, surrounded by the energies of late-sixties Los Angeles and a circle of turned-on friends, the music refused to be denied. Among Perhacs" patients was film composer Leonard Rosenman, who asked to hear her songs. The homemade tapes so impressed Rosenman that he secured an album contract, called his favorite session players (including Shelly Mann and Milt Holland) and commenced the yearlong recording of Parallelograms.