Saturday, March 12, 2005

Linda Perhacs - Official Site

Linda Perhacs

"one of "the 67 lost albums you must own" (Mojo Magazine)

Linda Perhacs' album Parallelograms was released on Kapp in 1970. It was reissued from Linda's own, superior master tape in 2003 on The Wild Places label. Songs from this version of Parallelograms are available for purchase in MP3 format at Lost in the Grooves.

Linda Perhacs was a Beverly Hills dentist"s assistant with a secret life. Strange, potent music flowed through her like a swift-moving stream. In childhood, her creative efforts were stunted. As a young woman, surrounded by the energies of late-sixties Los Angeles and a circle of turned-on friends, the music refused to be denied. Among Perhacs" patients was film composer Leonard Rosenman, who asked to hear her songs. The homemade tapes so impressed Rosenman that he secured an album contract, called his favorite session players (including Shelly Mann and Milt Holland) and commenced the yearlong recording of Parallelograms.