Friday, August 13, 2004

Drekka - Take Care to Fall

Drekka - Take Care to Fall

This may be folk but it ain't no Buffy St. Marie. Drekka (aka Michael Anderson) seem to be the kind of band/chap that lovingly creates something beautiful and then takes great pains to hide it beneath layers of sonic filth until it becomes something unpleasant - interesting perhaps but difficult to embrace. Of course I imagine that's the whole point and anyone entranced by the idea of low-fi industrial folk - sort of like Cowboy Junkies meets Metal Machine Music at times - should by all means sample dresses wares.

Recommended tracks: The closest to a listenable "song" would be the three songs with "Fracture" in their title, beyond that it's pretty much grating atmospherics and low-fi noodling.

From Drekka - The Sound of Silence

"Q: - What's the most accurate description you've heard of Drekka?

Drekka: - My friend Thax Douglas, a noted poet in Chicago, once told me that he liked to listen to Drekka with the windows open in his small apartment which is right by a busy intersection. He liked how the music changed every time, depending on the time of day & amount of traffic outside. Another person told me at a show that he kept trying to concentrate on the show, but found himself staring at the ceiling thinking about something he hadn't ever thought about before. Both of those are nice descriptions. "

A generous and interesting selction of MP3's.