Friday, July 23, 2004

Spriguns - Time Will Pass

Artist of the Week - Spriguns

Time Will Pass (1977)

A tremendous improvement over the band's previous two albums - on this second Decca release Many Morton finds her footing both vocally, showing far more emotional range and natural phrasing than before, and musically - the tunes now truly support her already strong lyrics - instead of deadening their impact. Where before Spriguns were merely second division Steeleye Span Time Will Pass shows a mature and self confident band willing to augment their spare folk tales with more full blooded arrangemnts and wider instrumentation.

It's a pity that Time Will Pass marked the end of Sprigun's major label days - punk and new wave were culling all but the most profitable folk and prog bands from most label rosters by this time - for it stands up against the other Brit-Folk of its time from far better known bands including Steeleye, Fairport, Pentangle, Strawbs and the rest. There not a bad song here - the weakest track, their version of the oft covered Blackwaterside, is merely pretty good.

Top Tracks: All Before, For You, Time Will Pass, You're Not There,Letter to a Lady

MP3 - Time Will Pass