Monday, July 19, 2004

Artist of the Week - Spriguns - Jack With a Feather

Artist of the Week - Spriguns

Spriguns of Tolgus - Jack With a Feather

Playing the same sort of electric/acoustic trad-folk hybrid pioneered by Ashley Hutchings with first Fairport Convention and then Steeleye Span, Spriguns of Tolgus (later known simply as Spriguns) employ the same dual male/female vocals, tasteful period arrangements, instrumentation (electrification not withstanding) and archaic song selection that defined early Steeleye - though the results on this, their first official album, are less often as inspired.

Formed by husband and wife team Mike and Mandy Morton, Spriguns began as a local folk act taking their name from a " a rather evil Cornish pixie" (Spriguns) and a local Cornwall tin mine (Tolgus), and were soon spotted by Steeleye's Tim Hart, who contributes a song here, eventually signing a major label deal. This first album, independantly released, is understandably rough around the edges but never the less shows great promise - promise that would soon be realised on their subsequent Decca releases.

Top tracks:Derby Ram, Curragh Of Kildare, 8 Keys Of Canterbury, Seamus The Showman

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